Celebrating the New Year with Kids

HappiFamli, Senior Time Correspondent

December 29, 2018

Remember the days when New Year’s meant fun parties, champagne toasts, and sleeping in until noon the next day? Yeah, neither do we.

If you’re like everyone at HappiFamli (except Steve in Accounting) New Year’s is no longer another night out, but rather a fun night in with our kids! I don’t know about you, but those are the very best nights. If you’re looking for some fun, festive New Year’s activities to do with your family this year, here are a few of our suggestions:

Make holiday crackers. If you’re a crafty, DIY type of famli, these are a fun way to ring in the New Year with your kids. This leads us to our second idea…

Netflix Countdown. Did you know that Netflix has an early countdown for kids? Using fun characters, these countdowns help make it so that everyone can count down and celebrate well before midnight, if desired. Make it fun with noisemakers and the crackers we linked above!

See a movie. Seeing a family movie on New Year’s Eve is a fun tradition that my parents and I started when I was young. Follow the movie with a kid-friendly dinner or ice skating to make it even more special.

Create a photo booth. Channel your inner party planner and create a fun photo booth for your kids! Use printable props, fun hats and scarves, and anything else you can think of.

Have a dance party. Crank up your favorite music and just dance with your kids. Add some bubbles to the mix and get crazy. They’ll love it.

Create a Resolutions Time Capsule. This is another fun family tradition. Have everyone sit down and write five resolutions on a piece of paper, then seal them away in a box. Put it on a high shelf and open it next New Year’s Eve, reading them together to see if your resolutions came true.

Play board games. Have a bunch of age appropriate options and grab some take-out for a fun night in.

Have a pajama party and make a fort! Gather some chairs, throw over a sheet, and play board games, watch movies on a tablet, color, or do anything else you can think of once inside.

What are your New Year’s plans, Austin parents? Are any of these activities on your list?

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