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Straight & To The Point

Chad Bookidis, Cofounder – Parent

February 14, 2019

I have stared at a blank page for a good long while now. Apparently writing self-congratulatory announcements is not my forte.

I do know that the perfectly and unimpeachably correct way to say that word is “fort.” No ay. But I digress

“HappiFamli was just recently accepted into the Capital Factory Accelerator.”

When my Cofounder Rebecca Cole and I came together, our shared vision was simple: to solve the working parent’s dilemma. HappiFamli is the realization of that vision.

For those of you who haven’t heard us talk about HappiFamli, it’s an online services marketplace that helps parents learn about, find, and get help with the entire continuum of care for kids from birth to high school. The platform combines adjacent industries and puts them together as a locally relevant search engine platform so families save time and money and businesses can improve outcomes and grow.

For us, being newly minted members of the Capital Factory Accelerator means that we’ll have access to, and the support of some of Austin’s top investors and business minds. We’re confident that the growth we will experience will benefit our customers the most.

For businesses working with us, that means more opportunity for you to reach a bigger, curated audience, increasing lead generation and generating higher conversion rates. Conversions means higher revenues (business growth).

For parents using the site, it means new levels of access and knowledge. It means less time until we can offer you the tools that will change the way you find and source the help you need.

Needless to say, everyone at HappiFamli is excited to strap ourselves to this crazy rocket on behalf of you!