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Cedar Rock Railroad

Laura Standefer, Senior Train Correspondent

March 4, 2019 

Cedar Rock Railroad provides north Austin suburbs with a mini zephyr of their own.

The first time I had even heard of Cedar Rock Railroad was when I was invited to go with my neighborhood moms group. I was surprised to hear there was another train themed place in the area. Like many toddlers, my baby brother went through a train phase when he was little and I probably enjoyed it as much as he did. We grew up in Austin and, to this day, one of my favorite memories was going downtown and riding the Zilker Zephyr with my family. I was excited to experience something similar with my son, closer to our home.

I was skimming through the Evite and noticed that Cedar Rock Railroad had a Leander address. At first, I was disappointed, and almost didn’t attend because…

“I have to confess. I usually turn down plans if it requires 30 minutes in the car with my kid.”

To my surprise, I learned that it actually isn’t far from Round Rock at all. Just a few miles north of Sam Bass Road, I could get there in less than 15 minutes! Therefore, I decided to join the other moms and I’m so glad I did.

Lots of stuff to point at on this train ride!

We took the 10-15 minute train ride around the park, and then the kids spent the rest of the time climbing on a wooden train and walking through Cedar Rock’s “Pflooterville” (think mini Wild West). Even if your little one is just now entering the crawling, walking, or climbing stages you could kill some serious time here. Plus if they’re under one, they’re free! Older kiddos (3+) can enjoy the Little Locomotive Chase ride on their own afterwards.


Since CRR is so close, affordable, and fun, it has quickly become one of my favorites. While the area isn’t huge, they have several picnic tables and a concession stand with several snacks and drinks to choose from. I highly recommend packing up your family and giving Cedar Rock Railroad a try. All aboard!

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