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Indoor Fun for Babies

Laura Standefer, Senior Baby Correspondent
May 06, 2019 

So, you live in Austin and you have a baby. The weather here is unpredictable. Just yesterday, it was hot and sunny in the morning and, suddenly, a torrential downpour came rolling in. If you need to get out of your house but want to stay indoors, there are several places in the area that are great for baby fun! Here is a list of a few of our favorites. 

Almost Grown Play Cafe: With locations in Dripping Springs and in Cedar Park, this cafe is every parent’s dream. Here you can grab a cup of coffee while easily keeping an eye on your little one. The stimulating environment and activities will allow your baby to explore and learn for hours. 

Baby Bloomers at the Thinkery: The Baby Bloomers section is probably the safest place for your baby to be. My little one looked at himself in all the mirrors and loved people watching. My husband and I have the best time here because we’re children at heart, and the Thinkery is fascinating. Outside of the Baby Bloomers section, my son especially enjoys the colorful light lab. Lights and people watching were always his thing. On top of everything that the Thinkery has to offer, there are also special days with activities for children 0-3. Check out the Early Learners section of their website for more information.


Mt. Playmore: The baby room is just as fun as the rest of the place. There’s a little area for children three and under with ride on toys, foam blocks, a tiny playscape area, and more. Plus, we were able to enjoy the big kid playscape since we went during school hours

Little Land Play Gym: Little Land is the perfect place to spend the day with your baby. It’s not as overstimulating as some of the other play places, yet it has plenty for your little one to do. With toys, swings, and unique playing tools, Little Land is our go-to location for learning and fun.

Kids Play Area at Lakeline Mall: Located in front of Dillard’s Men and Children’s store, Lakeline’s play area has always been perfect for my little guy. Even though I seem to have one of those accident-prone kids, it’s not easy for him to get hurt here. As soon as he could crawl and pull up, he was bouncing off the walls of this place!

Hop N Happy or Catch Air: Colorful and unique, Catch Air kind of reminds me of Discovery Zone back in the 90’s, but much cleaner. We have so much fun when we visit their aquatically-themed Austin location or their space-themed Round Rock location. These two establishments have reinvented bouncy places and provide so much fun for everyone involved.