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Tips for Creating an Awesome Indoor Fort

HappiFamli, Senior Fort Building Correspondent

June 3, 2019

When was the last time you built a fort? It’s been quite a few years for me. I remember making them as a kid and how much I loved having my own little “house” that no one else was allowed into. If you didn’t grow up building them, or if it’s just been a long time, here are some tips to making an awesome fort! 

Pick the Right Spot 

If your fort is awesome, you’re going to want to keep it up for at least a few days and you’ll probably spend quite a bit of time inside of it. You won’t want to build it at the dining table if you’re going to have to tear it down at dinnertime. You also won’t want to build a fort covered pillows and blankets somewhere that can get too warm, like the garage. Pick a spot that’s comfortable and out of the way!

Get the Right Building Materials

For a good old-fashioned fort, you’re going to need pillows, blankets, clips, rubber bands and a sturdy foundation like a couch, table, or some chairs. You can even buy large clamps at Home Depot or Amazon for added support. If you’re not able to build off of furniture, simply tie a string (something thick like nylon or wine) from one wall to another and put large, lightweight blankets or comforters over it! An example of this can be found on Pinterest here! 

Make it Cozy 

The more comfortable your fort is, the more time you and your kids will be able to to stay and enjoy it. My son has a store-bought teepee fort that I am currently boycotting because it’s made out of thick canvas with no windows. I can’t stand the heat and stuffiness, so I’d rather just make a homemade fort with him! We make sure to leave small openings for ventilation and use mats, couch cushions, sleeping bags, or rugs to make the flooring super comfortable. And of course, the more pillows the better.


“And of course, the more pillows, the better.”

Equip it for its Purpose   

Think about what you’re going to do in your fort. This could be your new hangout spot or reading nook. Make sure you have plenty of room and grab everything you need so you never have to leave again. My son’s forts usually contain every stuffed animal he owns and books. However, if we’re having a sleepover with our cousins, we make sure to include an air mattress, sleeping bags, flashlights, a food tray, snacks, drinks, board games, nerf guns (to protect them from possible intruders, of course!), and, sometimes, a laptop for movies.  

Make it Your Own 

There are several ways you can personalize your new cozy hideout. Have your kids name the fort and design a sign or a flag to let everyone know that it’s their territory now. You can build your fort with old, light-colored sheets and just grab some fabric markers to decorate it all over! Kids will love the fact that their fort expresses their personality and it will keep them busy too! 

 Create an Ambiance That You’ll Love 

I’m a sucker for string lights because they can instantly transform some place boring into a place that’s cute, trendy, and relaxing. They’re perfect for pillow forts since they remind us of being outside under the stars, without having to actually be outside. Kids will also enjoy hanging up their art and lining up the walls with their stuffed animals to remind them that they are in good company. If you’re looking for a more sophesticated and chic fort, use colorful patterned sheets and pillows, or hang up a few bohemian-style garlands and, of course, some string lights.