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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Sanity This School Year

Laura Standefer, Senior School Readiness Correspondent

August 12, 2019

As the new school year approaches, many of us set goals to get off to a great start. But how do we make sure that we stay calm and prepared throughout the school year? Creating habits and routines can allow us to stay organized and avoid future frustrations. Here are five tips for maintaining your sanity throughout the school year. 

1. Prepare as Much as Possible the Night Before 

Mornings can be so unexpected. The kid that’s usually an early riser decides he’s going not going to get out of bed unless he is dragged out. It takes you longer than normal to find everyone’s shoes. Then, all of a sudden, there’s construction on your commute. By the time you drop off the kids at school, everyone is tense and stressed and the day hasn’t even started. Packing lunches and backpacks the night before can help you get out the door quicker and make mornings a lot less hectic, because who knows what’s going to come up?  

2. Visit the Classroom or School’s Website Regularly

Fortunately, we no longer have to completely rely on our children to tell us when a project is due or when a special event is coming up. Sure, they should carry most of that responsibility, but let’s face it: kids are bad at remembering things. Visiting the classroom website regularly can help parents prepare for projects or special events and allow them to prepare ahead of time, which means less stress for everyone.

3. Amazon Prime

Is there anything that Amazon Prime can’t do? We already use it for everything from birthday presents to toilet paper, why not use it for your school year needs as well? As soon as you get word of an upcoming project, order the necessary materials and supplies off of prime ASAP. It will be at your door the next day and you get get started without running around town shopping for glue sticks and pompoms. 

“Creating habits and routines can allow us to stay organized and avoid future frustrations.”

4. Keep a Calendar on the Fridge

Sure, there are several apps and features on our phones and laptops that help us with reminders, but try keeping a good old-fashioned calendar on the fridge. This way you and your children can get a visual representation of what is due and how many days are left until the deadline. Organization and scheduling can provide kids and parents a clearer path to accomplishing tasks and, therefore, reduces stress and chaos in the future. 

5. Set up a Carpool

Multiple kids means multiple start times for school and multiple extra curricular activities. Even if you have just one kid, transportation can conflict with schedules and eventually becomes a struggle. That being said, why not find someone that you trust to help with pick ups and drop offs? If your kid’s friend’s mom can drive them to soccer after school, that’s one thing off your plate! You can also offer to pick up after practice is over, that way you’re helping another parent out as well. Setting up a good carpool plan can be beneficial for everyone involved.