Easy Back to School Breakfast Hacks

Laura Standefer, Senior Breakfast Correspondent

September 2, 2019

Hooray! The school year has begun! For many of us, this means that are lives are a little more scheduled, and that we don’t have to worry about planning every moment of every day. However, we still need to help our kids prepare and plan for the school days that lie ahead. This includes making sure they get a good breakfast, which you may have heard, is pretty important. Here are a few breakfast hacks to make your mornings a little easier. 

1. Make Ahead and Stick in the Freezer. Meal prepping isn’t the most exciting activity, but it sure pays off on weekday mornings. There are several recipes that allow you to just heat and eat after you wake up, like these breakfast sandwiches or these ham, egg, and cheese burritos. 

2. Include Protein. Adding protein to your kid’s breakfast can help their attention span and memory. There are easy ways to include protein such as these no-bake breakfast energy bites. Dairy, eggs, lean meats, and nuts are also an excellent way to fuel up before school begins. 

3. Muffin Tins Aren’t Just for Muffins Anymore. There are so many Pinterest pins that can inspire you to use your muffin tins to make some delicious recipes. Breakfast is no exception and making things like these low-carb egg muffins can really change the game. Feel free to make them beforehand and just put them in the freezer. Stick them in the microwave and they’ll be ready in just 30-45 seconds in the morning. 

4. Include Something Your Kids Will Love. My son’s Paw Patrol waffles aren’t going to win any awards for most nutritional breakfast item anytime soon. However, if I include eggs, fruit, or bacon, I can rest assured knowing that he’s full and has received adequate nutrition that morning. Carbs and sugar based breakfast items alone are not the best way to start your day, but they can definitely be included when paired up with fruits and proteins.  

5. When in Doubt, Have A Pouch or Bar. There’s no shame if you end up having to just hand your kid a pouch or a bar. Nowadays, there are several great options such as Larabars and Happy Tot pouches with plenty of fruits and veggies to start their day.  Convenience isn’t always a bad thing, what’s important is that your child is happy, healthy, and fed!