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Parents Unite to Celebrate Art

Neve Spicer, Guest Blogger

April 15, 2020

Arts, crafts, and kids are a natural combination; it’s why they’re some of the most eager celebrators of World Art Day, which takes place every April 15th. It’s a time to give special acknowledgement to the many roles the fine arts play, encouraging all of us to tell our stories through creative self expression, examine new perspectives, and gain a deeper understanding of other cultures and peoples.

Worldwide celebrations this year are taking on a new face, as families around the globe join with enthusiastic contributions from the comfort of home. Creative expression and exploration push on through both hands-on projects shared with the online community and virtual events which allow parents and kids to explore art history and global art while receiving a unique view of fine artworks that have become touchstones of world culture.

The benefits of engagement with the fine arts don’t stop at entertainment and culture. There’s a multitude of cognitive benefits our kids receive during arts education, both in the classroom and at home. When kids spend time in pursuit of a new artistic skill or project, their time spent concentrating and refining their skills may make them more observant, bring out their natural creativity, help them maintain focus for longer periods of time, and increase their drive to persevere. This can lead to stronger feelings of motivation, and may even foster the development of a lifelong passion for the creation and appreciation of art.

When arts education happens in school, even more benefits are gained which can be seen both in and out of the classroom. Arts education can help children to boost their social confidence, use newfound focus to improve academic ability, and may create more positive feelings toward academia and reduce the rate of dropout.

Ideas for Engaging Your Kids in Art at Home

Fostering a creative spirit at home is a great way to help kids feel more comfortable with and interested in art. Here are a few ways to encourage kids to express themselves:

  • Kid-appropriate art gear: Easels, paintbrushes, and storage space that are size-appropriate and kid-safe help them feel like they’re establishing their own creative space and tool kit
  • “Art night”: While one night a week may be spent on board games and another on movies, yet another night can include gathering around the (covered) table with scratch paper and the family’s collection of crayons, paints, markers, and other supplies for collaborative or independent art time
  • Painting tutorials: Older kids who may be less excited about art projects and family time are often still interested in painting tutorials which make a fun finished project they can display in their room; there are many simple but beautiful tutorials available online for free.