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Kids Culinary School

By: Bake Austin
May 11, 2020
As an owner of a cooking camp, with COVID-19, I was devastated when I had to close my doors.  For a while, I sat and cried (maybe a lot), but I realized that I had a community behind me that still wanted to participate in our fun, engaging cooking classes, but from the comfort of their homes.  I started with casual Zoom classes – and they spread like wildfire.  I knew that people wanted this and it was my opportunity to bring it to them. The sense of community that I have felt in the past few weeks as we migrated from in-person camps to online is unparalleled. We were able to do this in record time thanks to our partners, HappiFamli and Prowess Project, plus the hundreds of people worldwide cheering us on. 

As we’re launching our online courses, it reminds me that what Kids Culinary Schools brings to families is so much more than cooking.
Top Three things cooking classes teach you- that has nothing to do with food:

1. Creativity – On a daily basis, I watch children make something for their entire family out of next to nothing.  What I have noticed now that children are working in their own kitchens is their wide range of creativity.  In my experience, it almost feels like that BECAUSE they are in their own kitchen, working on these recipes with me, but on their own, they have more liberty to think outside the box.  The finished products have been jaw-dropping. 

2. Responsibility – Of course, we invite parents to share in the experience, however, we encourage the kids to gather materials/tools, measure and clean up all on their own. It’s amazing to virtually watch the campers share their food with family and clean their own dishes. It makes for very happy parents as well.

3. Confidence At the end of class, the kids have a baked good or a dinner made from scratch. If I could bottle up the pride I see in their eyes, the joy and the confidence, I would be a millionaire!  I want all children to experience that pride and parents to witness it. I truly am lucky! 
We hope you’ll join us during our recently launched summer cooking courses. I’m grateful that spots are filling up fast.  As mentioned above, Kids Culinary School teaches so much more than cooking – I hope you get a chance to harness this magic in your own home.  

Sign up for our summer course HERE.  See you online!