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Case Study

HappiFamli Helps RetailMeNot Attract and Retain Top Talent.

In a competitive job market, providing a family-friendly workplace is a key recruitment and retention tool for RetailMeNot. HappiFamli dovetails perfectly with our values and offers a unique corporate benefit that provides our employees with peace of mind as they look for quality care for their children. While other programs focus solely on a child’s early years, HappiFamli helps our employees find solutions that work for them no matter what the child’s age – from nannies and child care, to preschool and camps, to after-school care. The program is cost effective, easy to implement, and we’re hopeful that benefits such as this provide peace of mind that leads to higher productivity and less worry. 

RetailMeNot is constantly growing, and HappiFamli is a partner who can grow with us as our workforce needs change over time. HappiFamli has the comprehensive child care offerings necessary to ensure we can support families with children in different ages and stages. At the end of the day, HappiFamli saves our employees time and makes their lives easier. Employees are proactively thanking our benefits team for bringing HappiFamli on-board.

Having a family-friendly workplace benefit that takes care of our employees’ child care needs no matter what their children’s age helps our employees to focus on their work instead of worrying about and finding care.

Taking Employee Benefits to The Next Level


RetailMeNot, a leading digital savings destination, realized that just as the company was maturing, so were the employees.  As the company grew from a start-up to what it is today, so too did employee’s families. As a large portion of the workforce became parents, RetailMeNot knew they had a new challenge on their hands; how to keep their employees engaged, happy, and motivated when they had less free time and competing priorities.


As a company focused on ensuring team members feel valued, welcomed, respected, and heard, RetailMeNot recognized the benefit of partnering with HappiFamli to introduce a family-friendly workplace benefit that helped parents find care for their children, no matter the age. From childcare and nannies to camps and extra-curricular activities, HappiFamli quickly and effectively matches employees with the care options that meet their family’s unique needs.  Employees are provided resources to help assess quality care programs, reminders on upcoming registration dates, and consultants to answer questions employees may have regarding child care options.  


“At RetailMeNot, supporting families is embedded in our culture”, said Josh Grant, Senior Manager, Total Rewards. “We have heard from our employees that the HappiFamli child care benefit works for them.  It is a trusted resource that saves families time, reduces stress, and helps balance work/family obligations.” HapppiFamli is just one of the many perks in RetailMeNot’s comprehensive benefits package that  continues to attract and retain top talent and has been named a top place to work by Glassdoor and the Austin Business Journal.

EMPLOYEE Testimonial

As a single mom it is extremely important that my daughter has quality care that I can depend on. As she transitioned from infant to toddler to preschool, her care needs have also shifted. Over the last few years, I have leveraged nanny support along with a full-time preschool. HappiFamli has been with me every step of the way to provide support, anticipate my changing needs, and find solutions. I can’t even begin to tell you how much time they have saved me.

EMPLOYEE Testimonial

As a first-time parent, working for a family friendly workplace and knowing the company is supportive of the needs of a new parent is comforting. The HappiFamli benefit was easily accessible and I appreciated the peace of mind I gained knowing that a professional, trusted source was providing me child care options that worked for my family.  It saved me time and money, both so valuable as a parent, and allowed me to be engaged at work instead of worrying about finding the right care for my child.