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The Issues Facing Companies Today

When families do not have the child care they need, parents’ work productivity falls, resulting in costs to parents, their employers, and, ultimately, taxpayers to the tune of $57 billion in lost earnings, productivity, and revenue.

Employers grossly underestimate the direct and indirect costs of care responsibilities.

The cost per employee of recruiting and retention

Pressure is increasing employees as they try to balance work/care responsibilities.

The number of parents who said problems with child care hurt their efforts or time commitment at work.

Economic pressures and changing demographics are affecting workforce quality.

The number of mothers who leave the workforce because of the cost of child care.

The Benefit That You & Your Employees Will Trust & Love

A more focused and productive workplace is the goal of any company. Enhance your “care culture” with HappiFamli and win the recruiting and retention battle.

Decrease Turnover Costs

Decrease Institutional Knowledge Loss

Decrease Absenteeism

Improve Emotional Wellness

Three Easy Steps To Next-Level Benefits

HappiFamli is a company of parents. That’s why we know just how to engage your team with perfectly customized resources that are relevant to their specific child care challenges.  Here’s how it works:

We Assess Your Employees’ Child Care Needs

We work with you to assess what % of your team has children from 0-18 needing care

We Collaborate on a Customized Engagement Strategy

We develop a customized strategy for engaging with your team based on your specific needs

We Provide Ongoing Support for All Engagement Initiatives

We track and report how your team is using the HappiFamli benefit to ensure the team’s needs are being met.