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A Family-Friendly Benefit For Today’s Workforce



Decrease Turnover Costs

Decrease Mindshare Loss

Improve Productivity

Improve Emotional Wellness

Employees don’t leave their life at the door when they arrive at work.

With 23% of the workforce leaving a job because of child care problems, businesses need a solution that supports working parents and stems the tide of trained and capable people walking out the door with their mindshare.

A recent survey of over 800 CEOs said their #1 business challenge was attracting and retaining top talent. 

Talent management for the modern workplace

We know working parents are overwhelmed managing their roles as a professional, a parent and an educator. HappiFamli is the only company that addresses quality, affordable care for every age and stage of the parenting and child care journey. We do that by creating consultations with up-to-date information that relieve parents’ worries and concerns. More focused and productive employees means one less thing your business has to worry about.

Give your employees certainty and relief

HappiFamli’s Employee Benefit delivers a net positive return on investment. Customized plans fit any budget and onboarding is simple with roll-out support to make sure parents get the help they need finding in-person or virtual care options for their kids. 

Our program provides your employees with services that include:

Personalized Assistance Consultations

Hour-long discussions of a family’s needs and concerns that culminates in a customized care report with specific program matches unique to the family.

Full plan & next steps include:

  • Program Availability Calls
  • Follow-up call availability
  • Ongoing access to exclusive information & reminder emails
  • Access to related parenting content

Nanny Placement Services

Leaving your child in the care of others is one of the hardest things parents face. HappiFamli’s full-service offering assigns a personal assistant to guide parents through every step of finding the perfect part-time, full time, live-in, or temporary nanny.

Special Offer: Virtual Onsite COVID Consultations

Our Virtual Onsite meeting helps your parents get some certainty and relief during these challenging times. Your working parents are facing real challenges:

  • Schools may be closed till the end of the year
  • Child care centers may not be open,
  • Camps are cancelling in-person programs
  • Grandparents are scared to help with child care.

See How HappiFamli Can Transform Your Company

Get answers and see how a flexible, customizable benefits plan can help you attract and retain employees.

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