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Looking For Help Due To COVID-19?

Schedule a HappiFamli Covid Consultation

Talk to our consultants about the things that matter most to your family and get some certainty and relief.

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Simplify the Complexities of the Parenting Journey



HappiFamli rescues parents from the chaos of finding care for your kids.

The reality is that you don’t leave your life at the door when you arrive at work, whether in person or virtually. Let us do all of the confusing, stressful, time-consuming work that goes into finding quality, affordable, and available in-person or virtual care options for your kids. HappiFamli simplifies the complexities of the parenting journey, no matter what stage. We combine just the right amount of personalized service and technology to curate matches for you to providers of child care, camps, virtual experiences, nannies, schools, and after school programs.

Challenging Times

Now more than ever, if you’re a working parent, managing your role as a professional, a parent, and an educator is overwhelming. Get some certainty and relief. Talk to our consultants about the things that matter most to you with our 30-minute COVID consultations.


Personalized Assistance Consultations

Hour-long discussions of your family’s needs and concerns that culminates in a customized care report with specific program matches unique to you.

Full plan & next steps include:

  • Program Availability Calls
  • Follow-up call availability
  • Ongoing access to exclusive information & reminder emails
  • Access to related parenting content


Nanny Placement Services

Leaving your child in the care of others is one of the hardest things parents face. Our full-service offering assigns a personal assistant to guide you through everything and anything.

Nanny Placements

  • Part-Time
  • Full Time
  • Live-In
  • Temporary


COVID Consultations

30-minute personalized discussion of your needs and concerns during COVID-19.

Customized Care Report

  • The latest official updates effecting care
  • Questions to ask providers
  • Available care options and alternatives
    • Temporary nannies
    • Summer camp openings
    • Childcare openings
    • Online opportunities