Easter Eggs


Easter Eggs

Chad Bookidis, Cofounder, Dad

September 28, 2018

We have a Friday movie night tradition in our house. Its origin is my own childhood. Growing up, Sunday nights meant popcorn, malts, and The Wonderful World of Disney. Recently, we watched Ready Player One for the fifth or twentieth time. I lose track.

It’s an amazing book (I couldn’t and didn’t put down) and a rock solid film adaptation. I’m pretty psyched for the sequel (novel & movie). If you haven’t read it or seen it, I’ll try not to deliberately give away too many spoilers.

Central to the plot of the story and movie is the Easter Egg. That theme shows up on many different levels. I love Easter Eggs. Which is why I take great joy in hearing my kids talk about or point out to their friends all the visual easter eggs I have shown them in the movie. I can die completely fulfilled knowing I have successfully created another generation of pop culture wonks.

One final note: We’re one week closer to an announcement and the game is afoot!