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What Our Users Say

There’s no better way to understand a business

As a rapidly growing company, it is crucial for us to find and retain the best employees.   HappiFamli offers us a unique family care benefit.  Their highly personalized, holistic approach to education and child care helps show our employees that we not only value them, but also their families. This was an extremely affordable and easy benefit to implement which has already begun making a positive impact.

Robert Alvarez

CFO, Big Commerce

As a first-time parent, working for a family friendly workplace and knowing the company is supportive of the needs of a new parent is comforting. The HappiFamli benefit was easily accessible and I appreciated the peace of mind I gained knowing that a professional, trusted source was providing me child care options that worked for my family.  It saved me time and money, both so valuable as a parent, and allowed me to be engaged at work instead of worrying about finding the right care for my child.


Retail Me Not

We had been through 3 nannies already, we had used a big agency and it was a disaster. We turned to HappiFamli and they got us a dream solution that really fits our needs. This was cost effective, time efficient, personalized and the result is an outstanding and reliable combination of preschool and nanny for our family.  This allows me to focus on my job and not worry about the care my children are receiving.  Thank you so much!


Mother of 2

I love that RMN partners with HappiFamli! This is the second time I have used their placement services and I cannot say enough positive things. I could not imagine trying to get a nanny on my own. From the initial meeting to understand our family and needs, finding and screening candidates, and all the guidance along the way – HappiFamli is invaluable! Knowing that RMN partners with HappiFamli to offsets the costs is an amazing benefit that extends to my entire family and has been an essential part of transitioning into two children. This allowed me to return to work sooner, and confident that my wife and kids have the help they need.


Retail Me Not

I just want thank you again for ALL of your help through this process. You’ve helped us navigate through something that felt really overwhelming. I’ve been telling everyone at work to take advantage of this incredible benefit.

Gabrielle L.

Employee, Retail Me Not

As a single mom and COO of a large company, it is extremely important that my daughter has quality care that I can depend on. As she transitioned from infant to toddler to elementary school, her care needs have also shifted. Over the years, I have leveraged a full-time nanny, a part-time nanny and full-time preschool, and now an after-school nanny with camps during the summer and when school is not in session. HappiFamli has been with me every step of the way to provide support, anticipate my changing needs, and find solutions. I can’t even begin to tell you how much time they have saved me.

Kelli Beougher

COO, Retail Me Not

Last spring, I used HappiFamli to find a new/different summer camp for my daughter. I Immediately  found what I was looking for in the Dog Alliance and their dog training camp. With my daughter’s love for animals, I could barely contain my smile as I knew this would be a hit with her.

In the camp, students are taught how to train dogs. Even better, if your dog gets along with people and other dogs, your dog can attend the camp too! (If not, the Alliance lends you a dog.)

The four day camp culminates with the students taking their dog through an agility course. It was my daughter’s favorite camp this summer. Thanks HappiFamli!


Entrepreneur, Father of 2