Rescuing parents from the chaos of finding care for their kids from birth to high school.

Rescuing parents from the chaos of finding care for their kids from birth to high school.

A seamless balance of touch and tech, HappiFamli is the world’s first predictive matching platform for both businesses and parents.


Learn how HappiFamli helps organizations like yours change the game with family-friendly benefits for your employees or in meaningful ways to connect with clients that set you apart.


The average parent will spend 29 hours per year searching for and planning childcare, summer camps, and after-school care for their kids. HappiFamli can save you time and money.

Welcome To Care Economics.

Caring companies will be the ones to pioneer innovative solutions to meet the needs of their workforce and their clients to create the next evolution of business best practices. Are you in?


Offering HappiFamli as a benefit to your employees improves your ability to recruit and retain talent.


Go above and beyond. Use HappiFamli to connect with your clients in a meaningful way and set yourself apart.


Making your clients' lives more relaxed during a busy time in their lives is what you do. Let HappiFamli help.

Different Stages. Multiple Needs. One Trusted Source.

HappiFamli provides multiple levels of service for busy parents like you. Here’s what sets us apart:

Localized Knowledge & Experience

Every city has a vibe. Austin isn't the same as Dallas or Atlanta or even Denver. We're a company of parents, for parents, so we get it. Knowing the lay of the land gives you a leg up when it comes to finding your perfect fit.

A Comprehensive Set Of Providers

With over 3,500 Austin-area providers, it's no wonder finding quality affordable care for your kids is tough. We're continually working to make our list longer and better so you can find your proverbial needle in a haystack.

A Unique Blend of Technology & Caring

Just the right amount of cloud-based tools, machine learning, and personalized coaching has gone into making our platform special. Let HappiFamli help you plan for, and find care for your kids from birth to high school.