I noticed my child was “spirited” when he was ten days old. We had just gotten home from the hospital a few days prior and spent our days in my bedroom since I was recovering from a c-section. My son just cried and cried until I noticed that he would stop as soon as I left the room. “Could he really be bored at ten days old? Impossible.” I tested this theory over and over again and realized that yes, my newborn was sick and tired of being in my room and was ready to explore the outside world. I look back and realize that this observation makes sense with regards to my son’s personality. He is “spirited,” meaning he speaks his mind, will always fight to get his way, and tries to be the boss (or leader) in every situation. If you have a kid like this, you know that it can be challenging to say the least, but there are many benefits to having a spirited child.

They are more likely to speak up for themselves. I tend to be a push-over (I prefer the term obliger) myself. I was always a follower and I prefer to go with the flow as long as it keeps others happy. There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with this, but there are times where I regret not speaking up for myself or voicing my opinion. However, I don’t think my son will ever have that problem. He has no problem telling his peers and adults what he does or doesn’t like; if another child tries to boss him around, he has no problem telling them to back off. 

happy children

They’re more likely to be inquisitive. Okay, hear me out! I know that having a super inquisitive child isn’t easy. Just today, I was trying to enjoy one of our few days of perfect weather by driving around with my windows rolled down, my music turned up…and my child constantly interrupting to ask my obscure questions with no real answers. However, the more they ask, the more they learn. Curiosity really is an excellent trait for children to possess. 



They are more likely to be confident in themselves. Confidence is one thing that I wish I had instilled in me as a child. You can get good grades and stay out of trouble, yet still struggle with personal growth if you lack confidence. I look at my son and he is the polar opposite of me as a child. I love how fearless he his, how he can talk to anyone, and how sure of himself he is.  I never thought that I would say that I look up to my five year-old, but I do.

They are more likely to be successful. Spirited children tend to be leaders among their peers and eventually, more successful in school and in the workplace. Their persistence and confidence in their abilities may be a power struggle now, but these are admirable traits that are necessary in a career and for healthy growth as they enter adulthood. 

Having a spirited child can be so hard, especially if you’re like me and are a parent with a drastically different personality. However, his determination, curiosity, and passion is so admirable that he’s even inspired me to come out of my shell a bit.  I am constantly being challenged and questioned and there is hardly ever a moment of rest when my son is awake, but that’s just who my son is, who he always will be…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.